Welding services

I am here to meet your MIG MAG welding service needs

Welding services using MIG MAG processes

Welding services

I offer welding services for metal products/parts using the MIG MAG process. Depending on the requirements and needs, welding can be performed in the workshop or on-site during installations and the construction of metal structures. If necessary, welded joints are mechanically processed through grinding and polishing.

I am appropriately certified for MIG MAG welding services. I hold a certificate of competence in welding, ISO 9606-1 135 138, from the Welding Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia. The certificate is valid until 05.11.2023.

  • Flexible Working Hours

    Welding services, depending on requirements and needs, can be performed during the morning, afternoon or night shifts.

  • Additional training

    Completed a forklift and overhead crane operator's license.

You can also send me any additional questions via email. Contact

Info point

  • The metal products shown in the photos are the property of the company or their clients.
  • The metal products shown in the photos serve as a glimpse into my work and skills and are primarily intended for companies that may express a need for my services at a given moment.
  • I currently do not provide locksmithing and welding services to individuals. For the production of metal products shown in the photos, please contact the company at the provided address.
  • You can find more information on the info page Info point