Locksmith services

More than 20 years of work experience in the metal industry

Locksmith services

Locksmith services

As a locksmith, I have extensive experience in the assembly and fabrication of various types of metal products, semi-finished goods, metal fences, metal indoor and outdoor stairs, prefabricated balconies, canopies and industrial constructions.

I assemble serial pieces and prototypes. Locksmithing work for you can be performed in the workshop or on-site installations.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation

I plan activities based on the selected task. Independently or according to the bill of materials, I prepare materials, tools, and other equipment and plan the steps for solving the task.

I work independently, using principles of efficiency, quality, and safety. I perform self-assessment and adapt to the situation.

  • Flexible working hours

    Locksmith work, depending on requirements and needs, can be done in the morning, afternoon or night shift.

  • Additional training

    Passed exams for forklift operation and overhead crane operation.

  • Understanding technical documentation

    They say that learning to read a drawing correctly is only achieved by first learning to draw correctly.

    As a mechanical technician, I read technical drawings, assemblies, and other technical documentation for the correct assembly and manufacturing of products and semi-finished products.

You can also send me any additional questions via email. Contact

Info point

  • The metal products shown in the photos are the property of the company or their clients.
  • The metal products shown in the photos serve as a glimpse into my work and skills and are primarily intended for companies that may express a need for my services at a given moment.
  • I currently do not provide locksmithing and welding services to individuals. For the production of metal products shown in the photos, please contact the company at the provided address.
  • You can find more information on the info page Info point