Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

The answer is yes and no. I do not manufacture metal carports or any other metal products such as metal fences, stairs, prefabricated balconies, and so on for individual persons, nor do I offer my services to individuals. However, I can recommend one of the companies I collaborate with, and I am one hundred percent confident that you will be satisfied with their service.
Certainly, it is possible. One of the services I offer is fieldwork. I can perform fieldwork both domestically and abroad, but not for more than 14 days per rotation. In other words, continuous absence cannot exceed two weeks.
I am not appropriately certified for welding stainless steel, and therefore, I do not offer welding services for inox products. The same applies to aluminum welding services.
It's difficult to provide a concrete answer to this question. Current practice suggests that I can start assembling products consisting of 50 different elements after one day. It depends on the complexity of the product, technical drawings, preparation, and so on.
Absolutely, yes. I have extensive experience in the field, particularly in the assembly of outdoor metal products such as prefabricated balconies, fences, external stairs, canopies, and larger metal structures.
Unfortunately, I don't understand or speak German. I am very proficient in the English language among foreign languages.
In principle, I provide my services throughout Slovenia, which means that you can hire me regardless of the region you are in. Details regarding the work schedule are subject to agreement.
After a successful appointment booking, you have received an email with all the necessary information about the further process. I will definitely contact you within 2 working days from the receipt of the reservation. You will also receive an automatic reminder 24 hours before the reserved appointment.

You can also send me any additional questions via email. Contact