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Legal and general informations

Business Card

Mojster Neno, mehanska obdelava kovin, Nenad Jovanović s.p.
Trg komandanta Staneta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tax identification number: 40709418
Registration number: 9325239000
Bank account: IBAN SI56 0312 1100 1032 184 (SKB d.d.)

Contact information

Phone number: +386 30 772 144
Email address:
Google business: Google business & Google map
Facebook profile: Nenad Jovanović
Youtube channel: @mojsterneno
Linkedin profile: Nenad (Mojster Neno) Jovanović

Company logo

Experienced locksmith welder - Craftsman Neno

The company logo of Mojster Neno s.p. is a registered trademark.

You can also send me any additional questions via email. Contact

General Information

1. Projects and references

References serve only as an insight into my work and capabilities and are primarily intended for companies that express a need for my services at a given time. The metal products displayed in the photos are exclusively owned by the company or their clients. For all services displayed in the photos and the manufacture of metal products shown in the photos, please contact the company at the address provided. All references clearly indicate a link to the company's website.
Locksmith work and welding services displayed on my websites are not offered to individuals but only to companies through a contract for work. Terms like metal products, semi-finished products, prototypes, and projects on my websites do not guarantee ownership; they only represent my service and recommendation.

2. Services

Locksmith services - Manufacturing, assembly, and processing of metal products and semi-finished products, prototypes, or batch pieces.
Welding services - Welding of various metals using MIG MAG processes.
On the website, I offer locksmith services and welding services. I am appropriately qualified for locksmith services. I am appropriately certified for welding services. I offer my services exclusively to companies that express a need for my services at a given time.
Service, work tasks, working conditions, price, and deadlines are clearly defined in an agreement with the client in the contract for work. Once the contract for work is signed, official business cooperation begins.

3. Hire form

The hire form you complete is non-binding and is of an informative nature only. The commencement of work is determined by the contract for work.
You can hire me for work within the Republic of Slovenia as well as for fieldwork abroad.
When choosing the start date for the work, please consider that I am quite busy and set the date at least two weeks in advance.