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Experienced locksmith & Certified welder

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If your company is in need of an experienced locksmith or a certified welder for an upcoming project, I would like to offer my services.

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You can also send me any additional questions via email. Contact

Info point

  • The hiring form that you fill out is non-binding and is purely informational in nature. The commencement of work is determined by the subcontracting agreement.
  • You can hire me for work in the Republic of Slovenia as well as for fieldwork across the Europe.
  • When choosing a start date for the work, please take into consideration that I am quite busy and I kindly request that you schedule the date at least two months in advance.


  • Locksmithing services
    Manufacture, assembly, and processing of metal products and semi-finished goods, prototypes or serial pieces. For more information, please visit Locksmith services
  • Welding services
    Welding of metal products using the MIG MAG process. For more information, please visit Welding services